Types of Timber Flooring

For first timers, it is not easy to distinguish which is the best type of timber floor or how to choose the right wood materials to be installed in the house. You can always consult the supplier and installer about the product but knowing the basics will help you decide better. Here are some features and description of timber floors that you may need to know:


You can choose the hardness and thickness of the wood you want to use. Always keep in mind that the harder woods have higher numbers. Timbers are from different trees so, you can expect a lightweight material to heavy lumbers. The most used and famous wood for decks is the spotted gum timber because of its durability and hardness.



The colors of wood varies. For example, the ironbark timber may be light brown, chocolate brown, dark brown and burgundy while the other types of wood can be pinkish, oak, beige or reddish.



although not everyone understands the term, wood grading is important and something to be considered when purchasing a timber material for flooring. It is a standard measurement for clear sections and defect-free lumbers to be used for wood products, furniture and flooring industry.

Some people prefer the ironbark timber because of its strength and toughness which is perfect for flooring. The only problem is, it is quite hard to cut since the wood quality is too heavy and hard.

Some clients prefer the not so hard timbers with a grade of 10-11 since it is easier to find than the heavy woods. Besides, these timbers are uncomplicated to deal with. The width and length of the timber for flooring is not an issue since they can be customized to any size.

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