The benefits of using timber flooring

Less Carbon Dioxide

Studies say that wood floorings reduce Carbon dioxide emission unlike other materials such as concrete. Also, building houses or any structure with wood is a great idea because it consume a little energy than concrete or steel so, more fossil fuel will be saved.

Relaxed Mood

It is also proven that natural products such as timber makes you feel cozy and warm. Imagine bringing the outdoors in your home, especially for nature lovers, eco-friendly and organic products are the best options.

Temperature friendly

There is no other material you could use for flooring that can adjust to the temperature and humidity we have at home than timber. Unlike tiles or concrete, wood floorings may put insulator under the timbers upon placement. When it is hot, timber floorings do not absorb the heat making the room more comfortable and breathable. When it is too cold, the wood makes the surroundings a little warm due to the insulator placed under during installation.

Clean and healthy

Timber flooring is more manageable and easy to clean that is why no dust, mites, particles or any allergen that can be trapped on or under it. Not like fixed or built-in carpets wherein special services and products are needed to maintain it.


Most timber floorings used are eco-friendly. It is safe for both humans and animals since no harmful chemicals are used before, during and after installation. The environment is also safe and not abused when woods are harvested.

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