Experts’ way for taking care of Timber

When preparing for timber flooring installation, there are a lot of factors to consider and details to put together prior the process.

As a timber supplier, you must know how to handle the woods to be delivered to the destination. Flooring must be at the best condition, meaning to say, there are things that should not be overlooked such as the moisture. Moisture plays an important role in the life span of the timber flooring. You have to practice all the procedures to be done before installation, during and even after.

Yes, during the installation, the site temperature must be set according to the required level. The installation area must have a stable and consistent temperature to attain a good outcome but if it is not possible, some chemicals may be used as liquid membrane to protect the woods from being rotten.

Timber are stored carefully. Since these woods are sensitive, you must still consider the temperature and air flow. It is advised that timber must not be placed in an enclosed package or should not be wrapped. Stacking is the best way to keep woods in a storage area wherein the air can circulate freely. Timber for flooring should not be kept under the sun, with direct sunlight or near heating objects and not also near damp places. If you’re specifically looking for a long lasting, low maintenance and sturdy option we recommend Havwoods hardwood flooring – we’ve worked with their timber on a number of projects and have received fantastic service and outstanding products consistently.

You may think that these heavy duty and hard materials do not need maintenance but in reality, in order to have a first class quality of products, these timbers must be handled with proper care. That is why choosing the best suppliers and installers is a must because if you get someone who does not follow the correct way of handling the timber floorings then do not expect to have a long-lasting wood floorings in your house or any establishment where you want to be installed.

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Types of Timber Flooring

For first timers, it is not easy to distinguish which is the best type of timber floor or how to choose the right wood materials to be installed in the house. You can always consult the supplier and installer about the product but knowing the basics will help you decide better. Here are some features and description of timber floors that you may need to know:


You can choose the hardness and thickness of the wood you want to use. Always keep in mind that the harder woods have higher numbers. Timbers are from different trees so, you can expect a lightweight material to heavy lumbers. The most used and famous wood for decks is the spotted gum timber because of its durability and hardness.



The colors of wood varies. For example, the ironbark timber may be light brown, chocolate brown, dark brown and burgundy while the other types of wood can be pinkish, oak, beige or reddish.



although not everyone understands the term, wood grading is important and something to be considered when purchasing a timber material for flooring. It is a standard measurement for clear sections and defect-free lumbers to be used for wood products, furniture and flooring industry.

Some people prefer the ironbark timber because of its strength and toughness which is perfect for flooring. The only problem is, it is quite hard to cut since the wood quality is too heavy and hard.

Some clients prefer the not so hard timbers with a grade of 10-11 since it is easier to find than the heavy woods. Besides, these timbers are uncomplicated to deal with. The width and length of the timber for flooring is not an issue since they can be customized to any size.

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The benefits of using timber flooring

Less Carbon Dioxide

Studies say that wood floorings reduce Carbon dioxide emission unlike other materials such as concrete. Also, building houses or any structure with wood is a great idea because it consume a little energy than concrete or steel so, more fossil fuel will be saved.

Relaxed Mood

It is also proven that natural products such as timber makes you feel cozy and warm. Imagine bringing the outdoors in your home, especially for nature lovers, eco-friendly and organic products are the best options.

Temperature friendly

There is no other material you could use for flooring that can adjust to the temperature and humidity we have at home than timber. Unlike tiles or concrete, wood floorings may put insulator under the timbers upon placement. When it is hot, timber floorings do not absorb the heat making the room more comfortable and breathable. When it is too cold, the wood makes the surroundings a little warm due to the insulator placed under during installation.

Clean and healthy

Timber flooring is more manageable and easy to clean that is why no dust, mites, particles or any allergen that can be trapped on or under it. Not like fixed or built-in carpets wherein special services and products are needed to maintain it.


Most timber floorings used are eco-friendly. It is safe for both humans and animals since no harmful chemicals are used before, during and after installation. The environment is also safe and not abused when woods are harvested.

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Advantages of timber flooring

Building a new home or renovating the existing one and you need to install a new flooring? Why not consider using timber flooring? Maybe you are familiar with wood floors but you do not know the gains or benefits of installing timber in your house. Let me discuss the advantages and features of the said material.

Practical and worth the money

Timber flooring may not be the cheapest material you can use but its durability will save you from spending more since you do not need to replace it easily. Timber flooring lasts long and does not need regular maintenance.

Low Maintenance

since it is easy to clean and you do not need special products to preserve its beauty. One of the best things about wood flooring is they do not stain and only needs a little polish if you want to keep it glossy, or simply sand or varnish it depending on your taste.


If you are a nature lover, this is the perfect material for you. Most timber woods are recycled to make new engineered floors so, no woods are wasted. Not like tiles which are disposed when replaced. It is possible to refurbish a wooden floor because it is heavy-duty and tough.

Aesthetic appeal

There is something about timber floors that makes a home look cozy and comfortable. It is undeniably classy and impressive since it goes well with any house design. Whether it is a traditional classic villa or modern zen designed houses, a wooden floor will make the finished product admirable.

Safe and comfortable

Carpets may feel soft and pleasant but if you do not clean it thoroughly and regularly, you will surely grow dust mites and insects under it. With timber flooring, you can be sure that your floors are comfortably clean and non-skid which is great to avoid accidents.

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